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I am a designer, the researcher co-creator type. You also can call me UX & service designer.


I've worked or studied in Belgium, Australia, The Netherlands, Hong Kong, Benin, and India. I obtained a master in Industrial design (2015, La Cambre) and kept learning things on the way. I've collaborated with the corporate sector (consumer electronics, food service, home appliances, retail spaces) as well as with the art world or development sector (electricity, healthcare, craft, education).










As a researcher, I mainly investigate market, ethnographic, user, scientific, historical, and visual/material research.

I strongly value quantitative data, although I've mostly used qualitative methods and tools to understand people, their environment, profile, values, problems, needs, inspirations, and aspirations.  I produce research guides, tools, reports, and prototypes. These are meant to communicate information, inspirations, and orientations for a far future, or better present.

As a co-designer, I am more a mediator than a creator. I need to validate potential changes with many people, be them dancer, engineer, banker, or farmer. I have no preferred sectors or design medium, but many collaborators who do. Doubts, observations, and compromises are my preferred design thought processes. I rather start with questions than assumptions, I get better inspired by societal facts than visual artifacts, I verify my intuitions before to reach conclusions. 






Media consumption focus group
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