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A project for Durobor glass

2012 - 13

Visiting the factory, we asked

" Why have you never produced any colored glass ? "



" If we insert color into the machine,

when we'll stop the insertion,

every glass will have an unique tint. "


5000 glasses, 5000 colors, all unique

Durobor is less and less popular, the machine older and older, and the asian market bigger and bigger, but Durobor is still producing great quality and iconic belgian glasses.

Rather than trying to concurence asian efficiency and productivity, let's assume what Durobor is. An industrial craft factory. Let's turn old machine default into an unique quality. This special edition  for private individual (they use to sell only to professional) would have for aim to make the brand more popular and singuliar, to remind people that Belgium is still manufacturing the belgian visual culture.

Every default could be

a quality

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